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HMRC Tax Investigation Specialist

When it comes to any aspect of HMRC tax dispute or disclosure, we are the specialists. Resolve Tax was founded by Dane Skiba, an ex-HMRC inspector, so you’ll be in good hands when it comes to resolving matters with HMRC, no matter how complex.

Resolve are here to progress your case to a timely conclusion, whilst reducing your stress and anxiety levels throughout. No matter how bad you feel things may be, rest assured we are well placed to provide support and progress matters to a satisfactory conclusion

About Us

We specifically specialise in tax enquiries and use our knowledge of HMRC and how they operate to ensure matters are dealt with in the most effective way.

All tax enquiries are different and require a bespoke approach depending on a variety of factors so it is essential that a specialist is on board at the earliest stage to adopt the right strategy.

Dane Skiba (Director) will provide specific advice on how to deal with any HMRC enquiry, apply the legislation correctly, maximise the reliefs available and limit the number of years HMRC are entitled to assess, ensuring they do not exceed the powers provided by law.

Dane Skiba

T: 0121 2853545

M: 07378384166


Our Services

HMRC Compliance Checks

Research & Development Enquiries

Voluntary Disclosures

COP8 Investigations

Annual Tax On Enveloped Dwellings

Residence And Domicile Enquiries

COP9 Investigations

HMRC Nudge Letter Campaigns

Alternative Dispute Resolution

National Minimum Wage Enquiries

Worldwide Disclosure Facility​

Settlement Negotiations

Let Property Campaign (LPC) Disclosures​

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