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Resolve Tax was set up with the sole objective of assisting individuals and businesses who are facing challenges with HMRC. Whether you have received a compliance check letter from HMRC, or if you need to make a disclosure, or if you are simply having financial difficulties and are unable to pay HMRC, these can all lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety. Resolve Tax is here to help by achieving a positive outcome in a timely manner.

Resolve Tax was founded by Dane Skiba, an ex-HMRC senior inspector, who has over a decade of experience in dealing with complex HMRC disputes. Having experience as both a HMRC inspector, and as a tax advisor helping clients deal with HMRC, Dane understands the difficulties that can present themselves and is able to tailor the approach to ensure the best possible result.  

If you have any concerns relating to your tax affairs, whether or not you have received any correspondence from HMRC, feel free to get in touch for a free consultation.


Resolve Tax aim to be the go to name for anyone in need of support when it comes to issues faced with HMRC.

Regardless of whether you have done anything wrong, HMRC enquiries can be extremely stressful. If not handled correctly compliance checks can last a number of years. Our aim is to find a resolution in a timely manner no matter how complex the case. whilst at the same time minimising your financial exposure to HMRC.

At Resolve Tax you will not be judged. We will listen, advise, and work tirelessly to support you to get the best possible result.

Our experience and track record shows that you are in safe hands with Resolve Tax. We pride ourselves on handling cases in a way that significantly reduces stress levels and reaches resolution in the most effective way.


If you are subject to a tax investigation by HMRC, Resolve Tax want to be the first port of call for advice and support.

Resolve Tax want to conclude your HMRC enquiry in a swift and efficient manner so that you can get back to living your life without a cloud hanging over you. Our representation is second to none and is invaluable to our clients when dealing with any enquiry from HMRC.

Whatever type of issue you are facing with HMRC, let us help by managing it for you.

Our Services

HMRC Compliance Checks

Research & Development Enquiries

Voluntary Disclosures

COP8 Investigations

Annual Tax On Enveloped Dwellings

Residence And Domicile Enquiries

COP9 Investigations

HMRC Nudge Letter Campaigns

Alternative Dispute Resolution

National Minimum Wage Enquiries

Worldwide Disclosure Facility​

Settlement Negotiations

Let Property Campaign (LPC) Disclosures​

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